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SMT Comments

The Scars, Marks, and Tattoos (SMT) comments form addresses multiple issues: 1) requests to enhance the standard, 2) potential error in standard or 3) general question regarding information in or use of the standard. There should be no expectation of written responses to comments submitted via this Web site.

SMT reviewers are requested to use this form for providing review comments or questions to the FBI. Comment/questions will be forwarded and reviewed by the appropriate persons within the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division.

Comments/potential errors will not receive a formal disposition. The comments/recommendations will, however, be used to refine and prepare the existing document for future revisions. Questions regarding use of this document will generally be responded to as soon as practicable. The specification will be enhanced by the comments provided, and then vetted through future rounds of the Advisory Policy Board process for final approval.

SMT Action Paper V0721 – August 5, 2008

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