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EBTS Draft

This section will be used for reviews of modifications being made to both the native EBTS specification and XML schema changes. These changes will consist of new and modified EBTS messages used by NGI. The new messages will be added to the native EBTS specification and may require changes to the XML EBTS specification. Modifications to existing EBTS messages may also require changes to both specifications. All specification changes will occur via the EBTS governance process and with the approval of the CJIS Advisory Policy Board (APB). Therefore, this tab will serve as an outlet for all IAFIS Information System Coordination Group (ISCG), CJIS Working Groups, IAFIS Subcommittee, and APB membership to review the changes. Comments during this review may be submitted via this website using the ‘Comments’ button at the top of the page and specifying which version of the document the comment belongs.

EBTS v10.0 contains the interface definitions for the new services within NGI Increment 4. Please refer to EBTS v10.0 section 1.9 for an overview of these new services.

The following comment template is being made available for those that may have several comments and do not wish to type each one into the form. The commenter can download this template, fill in their comments and then use the comment spreadsheet as an attachment to the general comment in the comment form found by clicking on the "Comment" button at the top right of this window.