This package, per NIEM recommendation, contains the EBTS 8.001 XML specification documentation together with the EBTS 8.001 XML extension schema that is ANSI-NIST/ITL 1-2007 compliant. It also includes other supporting schemas, sample exchange instance documents, and spreadsheets that map the XML fields to equivalent part I fields. 
Caution must be used when relying upon this package since it is predicated on the completion, review, and official approval of the ANSI-NIST/ITL 1-2007 Part II XML proposed draft.  Changes made to the proposed ANSI/NIST Part II standard may very well have ramifications on this XML Information Exchange Package.  Therefore, vendors and users who base their system development on this current information must be prepared to provide additional developmental efforts if the ANSI/NIST Part II XML Standard is altered before its approval.